ZOROASTRIAN! Persian Empire infographic Rojina Farrokhnejad handmadedesign canada

ZOROASTRIAN | InfoGraphic Illustration

ZOROASTRIAN! Persian Empire infographic

An infographic about the Persian Empire from Cyrus king to Islamic Republic (current)!because the history of Persia is not very well known in north America, we here in Canada see what is posted on major news stations , however the Iran I know is much different than the one that is portrayed in the media, Iran has a vast wealth of history to be shared with the world if only we can make it past our prejudices , at one time in history Persia boasted being the largest Empire in the known world, our lands spread from Syria to Damaskas , Turkistan and far into what is now known as Egypt . I was able to incorporate all of the techniques ie; photo shop, path finder effects blending modes and custom patterning and all other requirements’, the main symbol is taken from an ancient religion known as Zoroastrian , which was the main religion and belief system that most if not all Persians followed prior to the 1976 revolution .Cyrus the Great also known as Cyrus the Elder, also pictured on my typography was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire , he is one of the most iconic figures in Persian History because under his rule was said to have evolved the first human rights , in what is called the Cyrus Cylinder , Cyrus pledges to protect the lower class of society , as much as he would the higher class of society’s in the new territories that he ha conquered.

By:Rojina Farrokhnejad

ZOROASTRIAN Persian Empire Infography, Rojina Farrokhnejad handmadedesign


1. Spot Healing Brush

2. Exporting a shape from Photoshop to Illustrator

3. Clipping Masks and Layer Masks

4. Pathfinder effects

5. Custom chart/graph

6. Typography – typing on a path or in an area (wrapped text)

7. Custom Pattern

8. Envelope Distortion

9.Blending Modes (Comprehensive blends from AI)

10.Blend Effect (in PSD)

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