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“Pumpkin Spice”is screening again at a different location.The organizer Shivers Festival  is showing it at UBC theatre on October 24th@2:45 pm

Shivers Film Society says: “This is a secret-themed horror marathon, all I can say is that they’re all cult-classic horror films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, we are doing a little tribute to the late Wes Craven, and the local shorts we have are yours, and “Jack” by Kryshan Randell. ”

Admission is BY DONATION – but everyone will have to throw something nominal in as part of the requirement for our liquor license that day. Shivers Membership is included in the donation.

For social media: #13HrHorrorFF @ShiversFilm and my personal twitter is @creepysixfilms

pumpkin spice


NURSERY RHYMES, “They’re not what you,re mother said”

Dir. Rojina Farrokhnejad (Canada)
Short (Horror,Fiction)
TRT: 02:39:08

Pumpkin Spice Trailer from handmadedesign on Vimeo.

Join Me on March20th, at the VIFF, NORTHWEST HORROR SHOW film festival, 1181 Seymour st.

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Here is a story we all know hum the tune in your head and images of innocence pop into your head , but not this time . Starring Carolynn Dimmer as a distraught grief stricken Peter Pumpkin eater and Rojina Farrokhnejad as his wife . Pumpkin spice offers a different perspective of what nursery rhymes are about . The audience is guided through a terrible night in the life of Peter and his unfaithful partner , and an even more hideous end to his wife’s life . The director gives your mind permission to run wild with disturbing and images. The rhythm is over a century old and no one knows where it originated from. But writer and director Farrokhnejad decides to use that to her advantage while she re-creates this favourite classic nursery rhymes.

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