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Food Truck Mobile App

Food Truck | Mobile App, Brand design and Web Development

Street Food Vancouver (Eat it) is an existing mobile app with  a minimal web presence.  The current site contains  the same functionality as the app, and is used to push app downloads over functionality.  As the population of street food trucks continues to grow in Vancouver, a more effective way to update and manage content […]

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bike show

IT’S PART OF YOU | Illustration

A Proposal designs for the Vancouver Motorcycle Show summer festival .Inspired by the annual Sturgis North Motorcycle Rally!concept is the most basic of the venue were working towards, in relation to motorcycles , generally most people think, leather , flames ,skulls , and with the advent of such hit television shows such as Orange county […]

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ZOROASTRIAN! Persian Empire infographic Rojina Farrokhnejad handmadedesign canada

ZOROASTRIAN | InfoGraphic Illustration

ZOROASTRIAN! Persian Empire infographic An infographic about the Persian Empire from Cyrus king to Islamic Republic (current)!because the history of Persia is not very well known in north America, we here in Canada see what is posted on major news stations , however the Iran I know is much different than the one that is […]

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