Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice | Video Production

NEW EVENT: “Pumpkin Spice”is screening again at a different location.The organizer Shivers Festival  is showing it at UBC theatre on October 24th@2:45 pm Shivers Film Society says: “This is a secret-themed horror marathon, all I can say is that they’re all cult-classic horror films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, we are doing a little tribute […]

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DJ Quest Web Development By Hand Made Design.ca

DJ QUEST | Web Development

Chad ( Quest4Sound) is one of Vancouvers original house divas…..ummmm …..DJ’s for a long time.  He’s been around the block and then some appearing  in venues locally over the years gaining him recognition of having a sexy house sound playing deep,vocal,tech to tribal you can say his beat is always fresh never frozen. Continuing his Quest […]

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Konko Churches North Of America Web Design / Development

Konko Churches North Of America : Konko Faith | Web Development, Graphic Design, UX/UI

The Declaration of Konko Faith was created in 2004 by ministers and believers looking for a simple, direct and eloquent way of answering the question, “What is Konkokyo?” While not a prayer, it is a way to emphasize important concepts of the Konko Faith – thereby fostering stronger self-identity to the Faith and providing a […]

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bike show

IT’S PART OF YOU | Illustration

A Proposal designs for the Vancouver Motorcycle Show summer festival .Inspired by the annual Sturgis North Motorcycle Rally!concept is the most basic of the venue were working towards, in relation to motorcycles , generally most people think, leather , flames ,skulls , and with the advent of such hit television shows such as Orange county […]

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